C programming : session 2

What are types of applications that you know?

Desktop applications

Mobile applications

Web applications

What is mean by a program in C?

Computer has no brain, hence computer cannot take any decision. It just follow the instructions. Those set of instructions / code statements togeather achieve a goal of the application or software is called as program.

What is mean by procedural oriented programming?

In procedural oriented programming, execution of program happens step by step.

Where, whole program is divided into differant tasks or functions or routines.

This programming technique has major focus on procedures or functions or routines.

Procedural oriented programming follows top down approach.

There are no access specifier but storage classes available.


What is mean by Comiler ?

Compiler helps to translate code written in higher level lanaguage into machine level language.

Compiler transalate whole code into machine language at a time instead line by line.

C, C++, JAVA are examples of compiled languages.

Example : GCC (GNU compiler collection)

What are basics or building blocks of any language — specifically in C?

Keywords, Variables and Constants


Data types

Storage classes

Data structure

Flow control




File management

Memory management


Error handling

How the C program looks like ?

  1. Commented code
  2. Preprocessor directives
  3. main function
  4. Statements / Instructions / Expressions
  5. Functions
  6. return

What is IDE — Integrated development environment?

Tool which helps to write code, edit code, compile code and help to create a executable file.

What is mean by syntax in programming langauge ?

Syntax defines the set of rules to follow while writing a code.

How to run C program in XCode?

Create executable file .out with help of below command. (Where name of file is main.c)

gcc -o main.out main.c

Execute .out executable file with help of full path like below


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